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The Company Profile-

PUSAT PERABOT K.H. is established on 9th January 1992 and with almost fifteen years of experiences in Furniture market which is continuous growing by now. This company was formed by Managing Director, Mr. Desmond under Business Register Act 1956, the company is located at No. 54/56, Jalan Genting Klang, Setapak, 53000 Kuala Lumpur and occupies a land and own furniture warehousing. 


The Retail and Wholesale Business supply all range of furniture to Corporate Business, School, Hospitals, Banking industries, Household, End user and others


Since incorporated our company had been very successful and had been on the uptrend side with many project on going and our retail and wholesale business had been doing very well by getting feedback from external and internal customerís satisfaction. 


Our company employed many capable personnel to carry out continuous improvement for the company and our customers in order fully have confidence in our prestigious company by them.     


This coming company anniversary, we plan to celebrate 15th years Anniversary and Annual General Meeting to upgrade and re-engineered our company policy to enhance competitive advantage in market and supporting government vision 2020.